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Explosion Power GmbH

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Explosion Power GmbH
Hardstrasse 11
5702 Niederlenz


Mr. Christian Mosbeck, CSO
+41 62 886 50 91

In January 2016, MARTIN GmbH für Umwelt- und Energietechnik acquired Explosion Power GmbH in its entirety including all staff members and assets. From its offices in Niederlenz (CH), Explosion Power GmbH continues serving the market independently.

Shock Pulse Generator

The Shock Pulse Generator (SPG) is a device that is permanently installed on the boiler wall for the online cleaning of boiler surfaces. In a fully automatic process, the combustion of gas mixtures generates shock waves, which are transferred to the boiler. With more than 900 systems installed in 20 countries, this innovative technology has proven its worth since 2009. Plant operators confirm that the system significantly increases the boiler service periods, thereby promoting higher efficiency and profitability in their plants.