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Company History

The company was established in 1925 in Munich under the name Josef Martin Feuerungsbau GmbH. At this time, Josef Martin had already been working on various combustion system designs for coal and waste of all types for almost 20 years. He became self-employed for the purpose of marketing his invention, the reverse-acting grate.

How did a successful, independent company, active on a world-wide scale and now one of the undisputed world leaders in the construction of Waste-to-Energy plants grow from the idea of designing a combustion grate? A company to which no other in this field can compare in terms of continuity, reliability and the ability to innovate?

We invite you to take a look at the following outline of our company's history to find the answer to these questions. One of the main factors contributing to the success of the company is most assuredly the fact that it is still a family-owned business. The company also places great importance on continuity in management and is very committed to the social needs of its employees. Last but not least, the company owns a robust technology that is constantly undergoing further development which remains firmly based on experience.

Here you can find our company history: