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The Nineties

Waste is a complex, heterogeneous fuel, the composition and heating value of which fluctuate significantly. The radical change in waste composition in the nineties, whereby a large percentage of the commercial waste for combustion had a high heat content, necessitated a phase of intense development for existing technologies. MARTIN's position as a technology leader was reinforced by the introduction of numerous innovations such as the MARTIN SYNCOM process, infrared camera technology for monitoring the combustion process in real time and a combustion control system based on fuzzy logic.

In order to provide solutions for customers with small waste volumes, we and our partner companies jointly developed modular and standardized small-scale plants specifically for this section of the market. These plants are suitable for waste throughput of 2.5 to 8 t/h per combustion line. Either residual waste or biomass can be used as fuel.

Factors such as technical innovation, a world-wide market presence and a targeted, customer-oriented company policy have made the MARTIN system an international market leader for combusting both municipal waste and comparable commercial waste.

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