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Last update: 06/03/2020


Image zoom In order to meet statutory and legislative requirements on the one hand and to satisfy customer requirements on the other, the combustion process on the MARTIN reverse-acting grate must be automatically monitored and controlled to the extent possible, thereby ensuring optimum and constant combustion conditions to achieve the following goals: 
  • Almost complete burnout of bottom ash and fly ash 
  • Almost complete burnout of flue gases 
  • Keeping steam flow as constant as possible 
  • Low fly ash discharge


MARTIN achieves these goals by using modern PC hardware and instrumentation and control systems and linking them in an intelligent way. All this is implemented in the

MICC - MARTIN Infrared Combustion Control

The core component of this combustion control system is an IR camera installed in the roof of the first boiler pass. Using a custom software program, the camera produces a high spatial and temporal resolution image of the temperature and the location of the fire on the grate. The current image and the trend of the last few minutes are displayed on a monitor in the control room. The information obtained is processed by the combustion control system and influences the combustion system settings.


Signals from thermocouples in the first boiler pass and the IR pyrometer in the second boiler pass as well as steam flow, O2 content in the flue gas at the boiler outlet and underfire air flow are also processed as controlled variables by the combustion control system. All necessary software tools, e.g. for IR image evaluation, fuzzy-technology-based combustion control, an operating mode concept and remote data transmission, are integrated in a high-end industry PC (IPC). The IPC is connected to the superordinate distributed control system via a standard bus, irrespective of who supplies the system. All field devices are connected to the superordinate control system. Consequently, the customer has unlimited access to the field devices and can adjust their settings accordingly.