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Dry digestion technology

MARTIN has been active as a global player for decades and has made a name for itself in the field of thermally treating residual waste from households and the industrial sector. The focus has always been on recovering the energy content in an environmentally friendly and efficient manner.

Besides residual waste, organic waste also has great potential for the recovery of energy and materials. In view of this, MARTIN offers plants capable of continuously treating organic waste. This results in tailored solutions to ideally exploit the individual potentials for the recovery of the raw materials contained in the various types of waste.

Modern dry digestion plants treat organic waste and organic residues to produce biogas. The biogas can be used to generate green electricity and/or heat in combined heat and power plants or it can be supplied to the natural gas grid following treatment. Dewatering the fermentation residues produces high-grade compost as well as valuable liquid biofertilizers.

Exploiting the full potential of organic waste

The core component of dry digestion plants is the digester, in which the organic waste is treated under anaerobic conditions. The continuous thermophilic process ensures complete conversion of organic waste into biogas and safe hygienization of fermentation residues. For this conversion process, MARTIN uses THÖNI's plug flow digester on an exclusive basis. Many years of experience in the field of biological waste treatment and continuous further development of the patented digester in the company's own manufacturing facilities characterize THÖNI as an industry expert.

The process inside the digester is not negatively affected by high amounts of unwanted materials (non-fermentable solids such as plastic bags, stones, etc.) so that both organic and green waste as well as the organic fraction from residual waste can be treated. The digester's robust design means that throughputs of up to 35,000 Mg/a can be achieved with only one module. Therefore, the THÖNI dry digester makes considerable savings possible during construction and subsequent maintenance.

The exclusive cooperation between MARTIN and THÖNI means the following advantages for you:

  • MARTIN's plant engineering know-how facilitates professional and reliable implementation of entire turnkey plants according to schedule. MARTIN is synonymous with customer-oriented support and service throughout the entire life time of our plants.
  • In its capacity as a competent technology partner with the know-how required for the essential process steps of dry digestion, THÖNI ensures that the raw material's value is fully exploited. The company-owned manufacturing facilities guarantee the high quality of the components.

We are also in a position to combine plants for the dry digestion of organic waste with thermal waste treatment plants. This combination unites material and energy flows and fully exploits the resulting synergies to further increase the ecological and economic efficiency of entire plants - for the good of our environment.

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