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Last update: 18/06/2019


MARTIN and Thöni agree on cooperation

29.04.2015, Munich, Germany / Telfs, Austria

On 31/3/2015, MARTIN GmbH für Umwelt- und Energietechnik, Munich (Germany) and Thöni Industriebetriebe GmbH, Telfs (Austria) concluded a contract on long-term cooperation. MARTIN will have the exclusive right to market and build Thöni's dry fermentation system for organic waste in numerous European countries as well as in Australia and New Zealand. Thöni will supply the core components. There will be a phase of intensive information exchange in the fields of construction and operation. Further development will also be promoted.

The Thöni dry fermentation system has proven itself and is well established on the market. Biogas, compost and liquid fertilizers are separated from organic wastes and then returned to the substance cycle. Thöni has its own manufacturing workshops, thereby ensuring high-quality construction of the core components. MARTIN has many years of experience in the engineering and construction of complex industrial plants and has extensive access to many relevant markets.

This cooperation between two medium-sized family companies will provide an excellent platform from which the Thöni dry fermentation process can penetrate the market more completely. MARTIN's global product portfolio in the thermal waste treatment sector is ideally complemented through cooperation between the two companies and will benefit greatly as a result of various synergy effects.