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Last update: 24/09/2019


Leaders of Shenzhen Eastern WtE project special topic research group visited Martin GmbH in Germany

24.09.2012, Germany

On September 10th, a 5-person delegation, led by Chairman of the Board Mr. Li Songtao of SEEE and Technical Consultant Mr. Liu Zehua of the Construction Preparation Office for the Shenzhen Eastern WtE Plant of Urban Management Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality, visited Martin GmbH in Munich, Germany.

Mr. Ludwig A. von Mutius, Managing Director, Mr. Ekkehart Gartner, Senior Vice President - Project and Sales, Mr. Apan Gedik, Senior Sales Manager - Project and Sales and Mr. Joachim Horn, Senior Vice President - Technology, welcomed the delegation in the Martin GmbH headquarter. Representatives from Martin GmbH's Asian market partner MHIEC and their sales agents DJK also attended the visit.

On behalf of Martin GmbH, Managing Director Mr. Ludwig A. von Mutius expressed a warm welcome to Mr. Li and his special topic research group delegation and presented the Martin GmbH company and the global market development in recent years.


Presentation and discussion at Martin GmbH's HQ


Mr. Ekkehart Gartner made a technical presentation about the performance of the newly launched Very Low NOx (VLN) combustion technology, the technical characteristics of the Martin reverse-acting grate system, features and performance regarding the handling of Chinese high moisture content and low calorific value garbage, and the wealth of references for large-scale stokers using Martin GmbH's modular system. Both parties also exchanged ideas about waste incineration control technology, leachate treatment technology and other aspects.


Shenzhen delegation visit to Martin GmbH headquarter


Li Songtao, Chairman of the Board, showed his appreciation to Martin GmbH in the field of waste incineration technology development, and said that their survey visit is mainly for the Shenzhen Eastern WtE project currently being planned and with the intention of obtaining comprehensive understanding of the overseas large-scale incinerator technology, which may help in selecting better equipment for the Shenzhen Eastern WtE project in the next stage.


WtE plant Munich North, Germany


Mr. von Mutius, Mr. Gartner and Mr. Gedik then accompanied the delegation to the WtE plant Munich North. Where they visited the garbage reception hall, incineration system and boiler hall, slag discharge system, garbage crane control room, DCS centralized control room, flue gas treatment plant, steam turbine / generator room, etc. The WtE plant Munich North consists of 2 units with a capacity of 480t/d each (in operation since 1984) and 2 units with a capacity of 840t/d each (in operation since 1991). This plant uses the Martin reverse-acting grate stoker system and is treating all MSW for the entire Munich city, in addition to MSW from surrounding areas. The energy recovered from MSW incineration is supplied to the city of Munich, as heat and/or electricity.