last-update-icon Last update: 13/11/2023


ZAB Bazenheid - progress of construction work for the new line 3 (film)


It took only 3 days to complete erection of the heavy equipment for the 1000th grate supplied featuring MARTIN technology, as well as for the associated steam boiler.

We have filmed this landmark event, which involved one of the largest cranes in Europe. Installation was an impressive operation, requiring the handling of more than 350 tonnes of material, an experience we now would like to share with you via a film and fast motion video.

MARTIN YouTube channel:


In the meantime the boiler pressure test was successfully carried out in March of this year. Our staff are currently going out of their way to ensure that 1st firing can take place in mid-September. You can look forward to watching the footage of this milestone moment as well.

But for now we hope you will enjoy our film and fast motion video.