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Last update: 24/09/2019


Order for delivery of 3 grate systems

24.02.2012, Ishinomaki, Japan

On 11 March of last year Japan was hit by a Tsunami with devastating consequences. The images of the catastrophe were broadcast around the world for a long time.

Since enormous quantities of waste and debris were left after the clean-up work, the Japanese government decided to have them incinerated immediately, with the exception of radioactively contaminated material. As a result, additional waste incineration plants with a simple design have to be built within the shortest time possible because existing capacities are insufficient. The plants primarily serve a sanitary purpose, i.e. energy recovery is not being considered. The applicable emission regulations must of course be complied with.

Our cooperation partner MHIEC will supply 3 combustion lines with a capacity of 300 t/day each. The lines will be equipped with MARTIN reverse-acting grates.