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Würzburg WTE plant – preliminary acceptance of partially modernized line 1


It was agreed with the waste management association of the greater Würzburg area that preliminary acceptance of the partially modernized line 1 of the Würzburg WTE plant would take place on schedule on 28/12/2020. This means that one of the three existing lines has now been replaced and upgraded to state-of-the-art technology.

The scope of supply included the dismantling of the grate, steam generator and of various auxiliary units in line 1 as well as installation of a new grate-based combustion system equipped with the MARTIN reverse-acting grate, of the associated steam generator, various media pipes and the electrical instrument and control equipment in line 1 as well as replacement of the switchgear in line 2.

As part of the project, the heat exchange surfaces of the boiler were optimized to minimize the flue gas temperature, thereby achieving a significant increase in boiler efficiency. Likewise, energy efficiency could also be improved through partial conversion to frequency-controlled units and thanks to the fact that the grate no longer needs to be water-cooled. The fabric filter, which was replaced with a larger filter as part of the modification measures, will continue to help ensure compliance with emission limits in the future. The existing steel structure remained largely in place and was only extended and replaced where necessary. Despite this combination of new process engineering equipment and the old steel structure, accessibility and maintenance friendliness of the plant can be considered to be ideal. This was achieved thanks to our designers, who, drawing on their wealth of experience in modifying old plants, performed the detailed planning based on a comprehensive analysis of the existing plant carried out with the help of a 3D scan.

Dismantling, installation and start-up of line 1 took place while lines 2 and 3 continued to operate. The administrative building adjacent to the boiler house of line 1 could continue to be used with only minor restrictions.

As there was very little space available for preassembly, MARTIN had to ensure just-in-time collection of the dismantled components and spot-on delivery of the heavy equipment to be installed.