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Pierrefonds / La Réunion – Plant for exhaustive waste treatment and recovery


Waste management company ILEVA commissioned our French partner CNIM with acting as the consortium leader for the erection of the RUN'EVA plant. The project involves the treatment and recovery of 200,000 t/a of waste from the southern half of the island of La Réunion. Following completion, CNIM will operate the plant for 10 years. Start-up is planned for the end of 2023.

One combustion line thermally treats high-calorific fractions from waste conditioning (so-called CSR) as well as the residues from a dry digestion plant. The thermal output of 63 MW produced by the combustion system is used to generate 18.5 MW of electricity, which is fed to the national grid.

MARTIN's involvement in the project is the supply of a 3-run Vario grate with the latest-generation infrared-based combustion control system. The reverse-acting grate makes a key contribution to the integrated overall concept of sustainable waste treatment.