last-update-icon Last update: 13/11/2023


Order for delivery of combustion system and basic engineering for the boiler


A plant for the thermal treatment of substitute fuel is erected in the South Korean town of Yeonggwang and MARTIN was awarded the contract to supply the combustion system and handle the basic engineering for the boiler. Techcross acts as the general contractor, while CRE (Chosun Refractories Engineering) is responsible for the grate/boiler lot.

MARTIN will supply a reverse-acting grate Vario with 3 runs and a width of 6.695 m. With a throughput of up to 15.1 t/h and a heating value of up to 20,000 kJ/kg and more, the gross heat release will be 55 MW. The purpose of the plant is to generate electricity (9.9 MW) and provide process steam (75 Mg/h) for the neighbouring industrial area