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Electricity and heat from waste for households and industry


The French waste management company Veolia has awarded our partner CNIM the contract to supply the entire process engineering equipment for the combustion line of the new VALAUBIA plant, located near the city of Troyes. The plant is to go online in 2020 and will have an annual combustion capacity of approx. 55,000 t of household waste, 5,000 t of commercial waste and up to 10,000 t of wood residues. The heat released will be used to generate electricity, district heat and process steam.

MARTIN will supply a 2-run reverse-acting grate Vario with a width of 3.66 m. The gross heat release will be 24.4 MW with a maximum throughput of 10.5 t/h. The MICC system will be used for combustion control.