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Last update: 18/06/2019


Order for the supply of two combustion systems

23.07.2014, Wilton (Middlesbrough), Great Britain

In December 2013, SITA UK awarded our French partner company CNIM the contract to build two waste combustion lines at the Wilton International site in North Yorkshire.

CNIM and the British construction company Clugston will be building the plant, which is to generate electricity for approx. 63,000 households and produce steam for neighbouring industrial companies.

The plant will be equipped with two MARTIN reverse-acting grates, each with a throughput of 31.25 t/h and a gross heat release of 79.5 MW. The MARTIN Infrared Combustion Control (MICC) system will be used for combustion control.

Start-up of the plant is planned for 2016.