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Last update: 24/09/2019


Contract for modification of boiler/combustion system lines 1 and 2

23.08.2012, Bazenheid, Switzerland

Zweckverband Abfallbeseitigung Bazenheid (ZAB) has awarded MARTIN AG, Switzerland, the contract for the modification of combustion lines 1 and 2. In the context of this contract, the two old combustion lines with MARTIN reverse-acting grate, which were put into operation in 1976, will be replaced with a modern MARTIN combustion system as well as a steam boiler system for the steam parameters 40 bar/400 °C. The combustion system will be equipped with the particularly low-emission and energy-efficient MARTIN VLN process. The entire combustion system will be controlled by the MICC (MARTIN Infrared Combustion Control) system, a technology developed by MARTIN.