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Magdeburg, Germany - Order for the supply of a combustion system with integrated fluidized-bed incineration


After successful negotiations, a contract for the latest order was signed in Magdeburg on 28 October 2021. The customer is MHKW Rothensee in Magdeburg, a joint venture between EEW Energy from Waste GmbH and Städtische Werke Magdeburg, which already operates a waste-to-energy plant on the existing site.

A reverse-acting grate with six grate runs and a total width of 14.3 m will be used. The plant is designed for a gross heat release of 120 MW and can thermally treat up to 40 t/h of commercial and industrial waste. The superheated steam produced will have a temperature of 405 °C and a pressure of 43 bar(a) and will be converted into electricity in a steam turbine.

The special component in the scope of supply is the fluidized-bed incineration system for sewage sludge supplied by KÜTTNER MARTIN Technology GmbH. The sewage sludge delivered with a solids content of 24 % is fed into the fluidized bed after predrying.

The resultant flue gases are cooled in a saturated steam boiler. The steam produced is used to heat the sewage sludge dryer. Surplus volumes are fed into the waste-fired boiler's steam circuit.

An electrostatic precipitator is used to separate the phosphorus-laden ash from the cooled flue gases so that the ash can be reused as fertilizer. In the secondary air injection area, the remaining flue gases are injected into the waste-fired boiler where they are thermally treated to comply with the emission values.

The installation of the components will begin in October2022 after the planning and purchasing phase in 2022. Commissioning will begin at the end of 2023 and handover to the customer is scheduled for mid-June 2024.

We are pleased to be able to implement the combination of solids and sludge combustion and add value to the experienced power plant site with an additional innovation.