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Last update: 06/03/2020

Research and development


Waste combustion on a grate is a technology that has been tried and tested for decades. However, there are always new challenges that necessitate further development and improvement. Some examples are: more stringent requirements with regard to limit values for emissions, the quality of the residues generated, a change in waste composition etc. Improved utilization of the energy contained in waste and optimization of plant operation are further challenges that plant suppliers have to face.


MARTIN has risen to these challenges and has been running a comprhensive research and development program for many years. In cooperation with universities, research institutes and our partner companies. Tests are performed in the laboratory, testing facilities or in existing plants.



The focus of our current research and development activities is listed below:


  • Inert granulate with the SYNCOM-Plus process
  • Combustion system for high heating value waste fractions
  • Measures to increase energy efficiency
  • NOx reduction with the VLN process (primary measure)
  • Optimization of post-combustion in the furnace
  • Development of dry bottom ash discharge
  • Studying the correlation between plant operating conditions and boiler corrosion behaviour
  • Wall superheater in the furnace (higher steam parameters)
  • Operation of a pilot plant (1 MW, th), jointly with CUTEC
  • Combustion control system using an infrared camera