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Last update: 18/06/2019


Supplier of the grate system

29.04.2013, Plzeň, Czech Republic

On 17/04/2013, Plzeňská Teplárenská a.s and CKD Praha Diz ceremoniously signed the contract for the construction of a waste-to-energy plant for household waste in the Plzeň region.

A plant with one combustion line will be installed in Chotíkov. The plant is designed for a thermal capacity of 34.4 MW; and thermal treatment of up to 14.3 Mg/h of waste can be achieved.

MARTIN supplies the MARTIN reverse-acting grate Vario with a total width of 4.66 m.

Following the planning and purchasing phase in 2013, the erection of the plant will begin in April 2014 and start-up in May 2015. Handover to the customer is scheduled for December 2015.