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Last update: 06/03/2020

Engineering partner


Waste-to-Energy plants may be equipped with a wide variety of components. Each customer has a different requirements profile and this calls for all-round competence in engineering and plant construction - ranging from planning and delivery to start-up and support.


Engineering services are therefore needed for the combustion grate (the plant's core feature) and its associated components (chute, feeder, discharger, transport system for grate siftings, combustion air system, furnace configuration). A profound understanding of the interaction between the other plant components (boiler, flue gas cleaning system, turbine, control and instrumentation, etc.) is also required.


Services provided by MARTIN include:

  • consulting
  • planning
  • calculation / design
  • order handling
  • site management / erection
  • start-up
  • after-sales services


These engineering services are available for the construction of new plants or for modifying and expanding existing plants.


For decades, MARTIN has been working in partnership with well-known companies all over the world. These companies use MARTIN systems exclusively in their capacity as suppliers of components or, in most cases, as general contractors. In these plants too, MARTIN is responsible for combustion system design, supplies core components for the combustion system, and provides engineering services for boilers, flue gas cleaning systems and other components. MARTIN has vast experience of different waste compositions and environmental conditions in many countries.