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Last update: 29/05/2020

Boiler service

Image Since the founding of the location Matzingen (CH), MARTIN also offers overhauls, modification and modernization work as well as products for boiler systems in Switzerland.

Our qualified employees are able to manufacture high-quality products using state-of-the art machines in our own workshop. We offer a large range of products including tube banks with or without weld overlays, bends, membrane walls with weld overlays, water and steam piping systems, headers completely or partially covered with weld overlays and much more. Our machinery facility includes:

Machine tools
  • Lathe; Ø 400 mm, distance between centres 1000 mm
  • Band saw; Ø 360 mm
  • Pillar drill machine; MK4

Welding machines
  • CMT MIG/MAG welding machine with power source inverter
  • TIG-AC/DC welding machine with power source inverter
  • TIG-DC welding machine with power source inverter
  • MIG/MAG welding machine with power source inverter
  • Manual electrode welding machine with power source inverter
  • Stud welding machine, up to max. Ø 12 mm

Special machines
  • Throughfeed blast system; 500 x 1000 mm
  • Hydraulic press; 300 t
  • Tube bending machine; tube Ø 31.8 to Ø 64.3 mm
  • Individual tube weld overlay machines
  • Weld overlay robot for steel sheets; 800 x 2000 mm
  • Weld overlay robot for membrane walls; 1000 x 8000 mm

Measuring devices
  • Ultra sound wall thickness measuring device
  • Coating thickness measuring device
  • X-ray fluorescence analyzer


We manufacture in accordance with drawings as well as our customers' particular specifications/requirements.


Our services also include installing all boiler parts manufactured by us or other manufacturers and carrying out and/or supervising overhauls. We perform measurements of wall thicknesses, coating thicknesses and material compositions. Adjustments and modifications relating to boiler process technology are offered in cooperation with MARTIN GmbH in Munich.


Customer satisfaction is our central concern.